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Thermacote Spray Thermal Insulation

Thermacote is a spray applied Thermal Barrier which in it's simplest definition could be described as an 'energy saving paint'. When dry, Thermacote looks just like flat latex paint, yet conserves energy. Technically, Thermacote is a high performance Thermal Barrier which incorporates ceramic technology to prevent the transfer of heat or cold. Available in Mobile, Alabama from Seal Tight Foam. Repels over 600 degress similar to what they use with space shuttles.


At 5 pounds per gal­lon (<2.27 kilos per 3.78 liters) Ther­ma­Cote is the orig­i­nal light­weight coat­ing (we pio­neered them in the mid 1980’s) and will only add approx­i­mately 6–12 lbs. a square when prop­erly applied to a roof or any other struc­ture that weight gain from pro­tec­tive coat­ings might become an issue.


The prod­uct con­tains built in rust/ corrosion inhibitors which make it self-  priming unless deal­ing with harsh or large areas of rust. The lack of chlo­rides allows Ther­ma­Cote to apply directly to stain­less steel with no pit­ting. Use Ther­ma­Cote as the primer on new or old sheetrock for a room to room radi­ant bar­rier and air ceil­ing. Ther­ma­Cote primes new or fresh blasted steel while at the same time adding radi­ant prop­er­ties against trans­mis­sion of hot or cold. Make Ther­ma­Cote the first coat on new exte­rior con­crete and block walls for a never peel fin­ish that pro­vides paintable pro­tec­tion against U/ V and mois­ture pen­e­tra­tion. Sticks to plas­tic, glass, wood, all met­als, con­crete and masonry sur­faces, fiber­glass, Sty­ro­foam and foam prod­ucts, paper prod­ucts and almost any sur­face that is clean and dry!

Low Dry Fall Rate:

5–10 feet (depend­ing on temp and humid­ity) Ther­ma­Cote will not travel far wet, reduc­ing over­spray and land­ing on sub­se­quent sub­strates as dust to be swept up.

Other Key Characteristics Include:

  • Vapor Bar­rier that breathes
  • Reduces Con­den­sa­tion
  • Low Shrink­age due to high vol­ume of solids. 12 wmt = 10dmt
  • High Solar Reflectance
  • High Emit­tance
  • Wide Range of Appli­ca­tion: 50f– 300f
  • Reduces Expan­sion and Con­trac­tion
  • Max White Bright­ness: Actu­ally hard to look at with­out sun­glasses in direct light.

ThermaCote increases:

  • Attic Energy Savings
  • Residential Energy Conservation – Ther­ma­Cote has con­sis­tently shown 20 to 30% kWh reduction.
  • Commercial Energy Conservation – On com­mer­cial build­ing appli­ca­tions Ther­ma­Cote is a way to eas­ily retro­fit and have energy effi­cient build­ings which help reduce car­bon production.
  • Roof Insulation Indexes – as a roof coat­ing Ther­ma­Cote min­i­mizes solar gain and radi­ant heat gain to com­mer­cial build­ings and residences.

ThermaCote – Insulation’s Best Friend

  • Sig­nif­i­cantly Reduce Your Util­ity Bills.
  • Enhance The Life Of Your Home Or Building.
  • Reduce Or Elim­i­nate Ther­mal Bridging.
  • Help to Seal The Enve­lope Of Your New Or Retro­fit Project.
  • Make Your Cur­rent Insu­la­tion Work Closer To Its Rated “R” Value.
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