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Attic InsulationServing Mobile, Alabama and surrounding Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation can be used in two common ways to insulate your attic space and protect your home from other weather and moisture related damages.

Spray Foam Insulation in the Attic Floor (Vented Attic Spaces)

The method of use for spray foam in the attic is often dictated by the building science and design principles your architect and/or builder subscribes to.  In a traditional vented attic, insulation is used on the attic floor to insulate the ceiling from the seasonal heat and/or cold. It is sprayed to the underside of the roof decking. Keeps heat from entering the attic. The rest of the attic is left un-insulated and highly vented through gable, soffit, and ridge vents in the roof structure.  This type of engineered system is the most common throughout the US, but may not be the most effective.


  • Duct leakage and heat loss/gain from ducts is much less of an issue.
  • Air sealing is easier in the roof than in the ceiling.
  • Dust and loose insulation are less likely to migrate down to the living space.
  • Tests show energy costs are lower when the attic is sealed.
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